What is the Activity Center?

Would you like to teach your child to tie their shoes, learn sign language, or engage with them in a craft activity? Maybe your child does not qualify for school services and private services are too expensive. The Therapals Activity Center is for you!

Therapals Activity Center is a video library of activities that was created to be a visual and written resource for professionals, parents and children of all ages. These videos can aide children in mastering age appropriate skills and enhance learning from their own home.

Search for videos based on your child’s skills, disability or interests.

Search for activities that include fine motor, gross motor, articulation, sensory, heavy activities, fun exercises, craft activities, visual perceptual, sign language, kindergarten readiness skills, and much more.

Therapals can keep your child active and learning during the summer months. Tell your teachers about Therapals and let them assist with your child’s sessions at home.

Do you have an activity or craft you would like to share with Therapals, send it to us and we can upload it and you can implement the video, or even share it.

Therapals also takes video requests! If you have an idea of a video that may help your child, we can create a video to fit your child’s need.

Build an Activity Session

  • Users can combine a series of videos from a variety of different categories based on their child’s needs and play them on their computer concurrently
  • Parents can connect with specialists who serve their child and have them create, suggest and share activity sessions for their child to engage in at home where you as the parent can monitor and share in the experience
  • All of the data from the video activities will be recorded in the online printable history log

Recipe therapy

You can compile a list of all of your household or classroom supplies and get a computer generated list of therapeutic activities via video that require just those supplies.

You can edit save or add to their list at any time based on your craft inventory.

Cost to Join

Professionals are FREE to join the Activity Center.

For Parents and Children to join Therapals Activity Center you will be required purchase a yearly subscription for only $19.95. If you are not satisfied notify Therapals within 30 days of purchase date to receive a full refund of your money. Take full advantage of Therapals unique features and join Therapals Activity Center Today!

See what all the buzz is

On Therapals parents can ask those questions to other parents who understand difficult problems. Parents can also search for professionals who specialize in a specific disability.

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