Therapals Friendship Center

  • Here at Therapals we truly believe that the difference between a good and a bad day for a child can be as little as making one new friend.
  • Therapals is an online social community for children with special needs. Click HERE For more information on Therapals Friendship Center for Kids.
  • Parents can search for professionals who specialize in their child’s specific disability.
  • Connect with other parents who are going through similar circumstances and trade stories, successes, and tribulations.

Sensory Breaks

Children can also participate in Therapals Sensory Breaks that occur during the child’s time on Therapals. This engages the child in various quick exercises or heavy work activities that reduces stress, fatigue, and increases overall attention span that usually results from prolonged computer use. Click HERE for more information on our Animated Sensory Breaks.

Parent Driven Website

You as a parent are a vital component to your child’s success on Therapals. While Therapals has integrated multiple online security features, the parent is primarily responsible for their child’s safety and content that they post on Therapals. The parent is in charge of accepting or denying all friend requests. All incoming and outgoing email and blog entries can be viewed by the parent. The parent has control of what goes on the child’s profile page and their uploaded profile picture. Take the opportunity to engage and interact with your child on Therapals.

General Online Safety Tips

  • Never allow your child to give out personal information online: location, phone number, or school.
  • Never allow your child to share passwords.
  • Make sure your child is supervised during heavy work activities and that he or she is healthy enough to participate.
  • Consult your physician if you are unsure if your child should participate.

Cost To Join

Therapals Friendship Center is Absolutely FREE

Therapals Activity Center

Would you like to teach your child to tie their shoes, learn sign language, or engage with them in a craft activity? Maybe your child does not qualify for school services and private services are too expensive. Therapals Activity Center is for you! Therapals Activity Center is a video library of activities that was created to be a visual and written resource for professionals, parents and children of all ages. These videos can aide children in mastering age appropriate skills and enhance learning form the comforts of their own home. Click HERE to learn more about Therapals Activity Center.

Cost to Join

For Parents and Children to join Therapals Activity Center you will be required purchase a yearly subscription for only $19.95. If you are not satisfied notify Therapals within 30 days of purchase date to receive a full refund of your money. Take full advantage of Therapals unique features and join Therapals Activity Center Today!

Therapals Activities

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