Therapals Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I cancel my subscription?
By simply clicking on the "Unsubscribe" text under My Profile you can cancel your subscription.

How much does it cost?
Therapals social network is free. Once you sign up you will have the option to join the activity center for $19.95 annually for a parent and a child. A parent can have up to 3 children on one account. Licensed Professionals who work with special needs children are free.

Who can see my child's information?
Parents are responsible for approving and denying all friend requests. No one can see your profile unless they are approved online friends.

What safety features are implemented on

  • does not post entire birthdates or addresses of children on the site.
  • All adult users must pass a criminal background check before becoming Pen Pal approved.
  • Professionals must enter their license number and the state it was issued in for verification.
  • All monetary transactions are completed through Pay Pal.
  • Parents approve all users before they can have contact with their child.
  • Parents can review all comments and activities through the history log.

What are the benefits of using
Therapals can connect you and your child to other users across the country. Therapals assists parents and professionals with obtaining valuable information from other users to help them with questions regarding their special needs child.

Can be used for adults with special needs to find friends?
No, Therapals was created for children with special needs to find friends. Once a child has graduated high school they are no longer able to log in as a child on For questions regarding whether a child is eligible to be a therapal, Please contact the therapals administrator under Contact Us.

How do I report bullying or inappropriate content posted on
By simply clicking on the Therapals administrator name under "Friends" you can send a direct message to report a behavior that you feel is inappropriate for your child.

Who can revoke a user's privileges?
The Therapals Administrator can suspend a user's account and reinstate it. A parent can also suspend their own child's account if they feel it is necessary.

How can I check to see what my child has posted on other child's homepages?
A parent or a professional who has client access can review a child's online activities by looking in the history log.

Download User Guide

Click Here to download the User Guide. A full guide is sent to your inbox once you sign up for an account.

Cost to Join

The cost to Join is $19.95 annually which includes both child and parent.

User Friendly Site

  • A Login Template is available for you to post by the computer. You can write your username and password on it for reference.
  • Visual/Written Guidelines for how to log in, blog, email, upload profile pictures, view child's history and search for friends.
  • Interactive Sensory program for you and your child to use throughout your experience on
  • Receive a complete Parent manual through email that helps you navigate through the site.

On Therapals parents can ask those questions to other parents who understand difficult problems. Parents can also search for professionals who specialize in a specific disability.

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